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Elena Alvarez

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Lesbian Jesus (by by herself and Alex in „The Funeral“)





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Alex Alvarez (cousin)Victor Alvarez (father)Lydia Riera (maternal grandmother)Berto Riera † (maternal grandfather)Tito Riera (uncle)Blanca † (great aunt)Marucci (great aunt)Mimi (great aunt)Mirtha (great aunt)Monica (great aunt)Ophelia † (great aunt)Estrellita ( very very first relative once eliminated)Flavio (second cousin)Pilar (first cousin once removed)Nicole Alvarez (stepmother)María Luisa (great-great grandmother) 2




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This Might Be It

Elena Maria Alvarez is just a main character in the original Netflix series 1 day at the same time. She is portrayed by Isabella Gomez. Her complete name is Elena Maria Alvarez Riera CalderГіn Leyte-Vidal InclГЎn.



Elena is really A latinx that is young feminine. She’s long black locks that would go to last her neck, is normally putting on cups. Her typical hairstyles consist of putting on it straight straight down, in a bun towards the top of her plus the remainder down, in ponytails, as well as in two buns near the top of her mind, or simply in a single bun piled towards the top of her mind.

She’s 5’3 and has now a build that is slim. Her complexion is called „Wonder Bread.“ She actually is nicknamed Blanquita and discovers individuals think she actually is Caucasian in „The change.“

Her attire is composed of a grey top with a grayscale yin and yang graphic, a navy unzipped hoodie, a couple of dark blue jeans, and grey and white sneakers.


Around 2003 or 2004, her little sibling Alex had been created (to which Elena had not been happy about because at the time she desired a puppy).

Whilst in the military, Penelope came ultimately back by having a bum neck, but her daddy had been kept with PTSD. Without doing such a thing to address it, Victor became a hefty drinker and attempted committing committing suicide at one point. This caused her parents to split up, making Elena and Alex to reside making use of their mom and grandmother that is maternal.

In „Strays,“ Penelope shows that Elena doesn’t always have friends that are many for the internet. But, her companion Carmen is a giant section of her life. Though it is a joke that is ongoing the very first 1 / 2 of season one, Elena expresses the likelihood of liking girls in „Hold, Please.“ Her grandmother also suspects that her relationship with Carmen may be „queer.“ Elena tells her mother their relationship is purely platonic in „Pride & Prejudice.“

She formally arrives as a lesbian, in „Sex Talk.“ every one of her household makes an endeavor to simply accept her sex, with the exception of her dad, Victor. He stepped down on her behalf, during her quinces if the father-daughter party had been beginning. This woman is presently dating Syd.

She’s got a really relationship that is loving her family members, mom Penelope Alvarez, and sibling Alex Alvarez, and though she really really loves her grandmother, Lydia Riera, there clearly was some degree of disagreement because of various thinking. Lydia thinks her concerns that are political crusades are irritating.

Although her relationship along with her daddy, Victor Alvarez, is unknown ahead of the show, it absolutely was most most likely they had been close and loving. His http://worldsingledating.com/grindr-review/ present of a doll and dealing with her like this woman is nevertheless a young child upon their return from Afghanistan and her admission which they don’t possess a great deal in keeping shows that there was now a disconnect among them.

Whenever she arrived being a lesbian, this caused a stress within their relationship, until Victor fundamentally learned from Alex to just accept and love her apologizing for the pain sensation he caused her. She’s reluctant but takes their apology in addition to two slowly attempt to mend their relationship.


Period 1

In „This can it be,“ Penelope comes back home from work. Penelope’s child Elena is released through the hallway calling on her mother. Elena goes into the family area where Lydia claims she does not anymore like her. Elena retorts that she doesn’t care if her grandmother likes her any longer. Penelope claims it seems like they truly are both regarding the page that is same. Lydia then informs Penelope that her child will not want a quinces.

Penelope, sounding disappointed, then claims they currently booked a space. Penelope then states she discovered a fantastic musical organization, after which says is in reality a DJ, then finally admits it is simply her sibling by having an iPod but it is an extremely good playlist of tracks.

Elena angrily then states she researched the past reputation for quinceaГ±eras and found out these are generally completely misogynistic. Lydia then questions why Penelope lets Elena read. Elena glares as of this and her mom claims she lets her daughter do math too that she knows she’s a monster.

Elena then states she made captain of this debate group but all Lydia would like to speak about is tossing a quinces. Lydia states Elena needs to otherwise have a quinces they don’t understand she actually is a female. Elena claims that Lydia missed it, she ended up being twelve also it ended up being during gym and ironically it simply happened during first duration.

Lydia additionally points out that if she doesn’t always have one then this woman is wasting her Cuban history. Elena claims that just the bad components and she does not want become paraded around for the guys of this town like a bit of home for just two cows and a goat. Lydia then says „somebody believes they truly are well well worth a complete great deal.“

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